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Why MultiFamily?

Why Multifamily?

Everyone needs a place to live.  For various reasons, Americans prefer to rent, instead of owning and maintaining a home.  Every community has different types of multi-family that fit each type of tenant.  According to CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services company in the world, multifamily properties weathered the 2020 recession better than most property sectors. (CBRE research).  

Shift in Demand to Suburban living

In the past year, COVID related factors have impacted the urban markets more than the suburban market.  Businesses have had to pivot their employees to working remotely and schools shifted to remote learning.  Urbanites who were once willing to pay top dollar for less square footage and access to restaurants and entertainment venues, were beginning to feel confined in their apartments as COVID restrictions took place.  Their desire shifted towards larger housing options and greater access to the outdoors.  (based on MHN post by Greg Curci)

Our Investment Position

As a private equity firm, we have taken note of the changing trends and strong performance in the multifamily asset class.  Stay tuned, as we investigate potential avenues of investment that will provide stable cash flow and relatively consistent returns.  We are excited to play a part in improving communities for our residents and provide an alternate source of wealth for our investors.

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