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Why is creating a stream of passive income a MUST?

You may be one of the very few fortunate ones who are fulfilled through your job, or have the freedom and time to do all there is to be done to your heart’s desire.  If so, then read no further and continue doing what you are doing.

However, if you are like us, spending 50 to 60+ hours a week at your job, balancing family life, kids’ academics, extracurricular activities… it gets a bit crazy.  It doesn’t matter how much your salary is, the moment you lose the ability to work, that active income stream stops as well.  That’s why creating a stream of passive income is so important. 

Here are just a few things to think about:

  • You have about 18 summers to spend with your children. How are you spending yours? Slaving away at your job?
  • Instead of living below your means, how about enlarging your means?
  • Your true worth is measured by how much more you give to others rather than what you take for payment.
  • Money is neither good nor bad. It’s an inanimate object. Like a knife, it can save someone or it can kill someone. 

Apartment investing generates true passive income, where one would invest in others’ deals and receive returns as a passive partner.  It is ETEMA CAPITAL’s mission to help you build generational wealth through apartment investing.

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